Sixty years ago Hayley Roscoe could have been seen on stage with Dinah Washington— but in Alabama in the 50’s it would not have been permitted. Yet, their distinctive vocal style, absolute clarity of diction and bluesy phrasing bonds the singers.

Hayley’s bright soulful voice has a maturity that traverses the ages from vintage to contemporary and she is at home in all kinds of music, be it R&B, blues or pop.

Influenced by writers like Corinne Bailey Rae, Sara Bareilles, and John Mayer, Hayley weaves songs with a modern appeal and a distinctly vintage feel. With lyrics painting pictures one can’t help but get lost in, she captivate listeners. Some songs have an exotic, alluring flare like the three-ring circus in “The Illusionist”, while others are heartbreakingly honest (“Here We Go Again”).

Her impressive 3-octave range, classically trained voice and jazz piano playing combine effortlessly in a winning formula: mixing old school with new age. The result is a Motown soul sound with an edgy rock quality that makes for really cool, catchy tunes.  In these days of over produced albums, Hayley’s self-produced, live off the floor debut gives a vibe reminiscent of a gone by era that belongs on today’s top 40.  She shares it all on her independently released EP “Catalyst”.

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